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Speedheater uses warmth to remove paint in a process that is safe and clean with the best results. No other paint removal method is able to achieve clean bare wood after paint stripping.  Eco-Strip’s method is gentle all around and brings back the original structure of the wood while also making the wood more durable. This method also reduces the risk of fire, environmental damage, and clean up time.

It’s not just for home restoration either – Speedheater can be used on boat varnish, furniture, plastic wrap, car paint and more.

Eco-Strip is the Gentler, Safer Side of Paint Stripping.

GalleryWindow2When you think of paint stripping, most people envision harsh chemicals, a variety of sharp tools, a lot of time, tons of elbow grease, and a big mess to clean up. With Eco-Strip’s Speedheater™ Infrared (IR) Paint Remover kit, you can avoid all of this. Eco-Strip provides a gentle, eco-friendly paint stripping solution that is simple to use, gentle on wood and the user, quick, and an affordable long-term solution. The Speedheater™ Infrared system radiates heat at between 380 and 580 degrees, and does not blow heat into cracks in the surface, greatly reducing the risk of a fire hazard. Additionally, the waste by products are easily gathered at the end of the day with no spillage of toxic chemicals onto the surrounding area. Users don’t need to worry about wearing a mask to avoid inhaling airborne particles from sanding or the toxins of old lead-based paint.

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